World is going fast. Fashion is going even faster.

That’s why we are all around the world’s team, to always keep an eye open!

To cultivate innovation, style, to be ahead of the others, to know what are the new brands that have been presented at the international `salons’ and on social media without having to leave your workplace or home, without having to waste your time trawling the internet, and also discovering the brands we host — this is what Gang of Style offers.

Gang of style will not only help you find local artisans producing quality goods that will appeal to an international clientele but also international products from recognised brands to whom quality and craftsmanship is important. The first type of goods offers your clientele the possibility of finding unique things that will make them remember their travels. The second type of product will allow your customers to take refuge in the comfort of known brands, and not to have to worry about issues of quality and durability.

This is who we are.

The Actors

Stephanie Artarit

French, brands agent, boutique advisor.

Founder of Gang of style, she was also a journalist in Paris and lived in Tokyo, the capital of style. A well known guest at many of the world’s most luxurious hotels, and a one-time serial shopper herself, she is now the owner of a popular boutique called Petit Tipota in a chic resort on Antiparos island.

Eleni Liakou

Business Development Associate

Based in Athens, also lived for a while in Paris, Santorini and Antiparos. Art and design lover, traveler and endlessly curious, she is always open to new ideas and concepts. Combining her degree in coaching & organizational development with her previous experience in luxury hospitality as well as in Gang Of Style’s boutiques, she connects our gang with relevant places and partners.

Andrea Goulandris

Spanish, Founder for Yiulin, alter ego and partner of Gang of Style in China.

The team



spa adviser

photographer / videographer

community manager