We give you the perfect solution for your boutique.


You don’t have a boutique…

To start with, we will work with you to determine exactly what kind of an intervention will work best for you, given your objective and your budget. There are many possibilities…

We will visit your hotel with our in-house architect and help you determine the best place for setting up your hotel shop. Size is not a problem.

Whether you want to create a simple corner or a large retail space, what matters is that it be well conceived and well situated.


You already have a boutique

Perhaps you already have a space and all you really want is to give it a facelift. In this case, our architect will be able to provide you with several possible solutions. Sometimes it is enough to change one small little detail in order to make your space more accessible and visible.

Perhaps there are parameters that you did not take into account when constructing your boutique.

We can help rectify this. We will evaluate what isn’t working and offer you simple inexpensive solutions that will make all the difference between a space that `works’, i.e. that is welcoming and easy to browse, and one that doesn’t work.


…you would like to change the style of the place.

You think the style of your shop could be improved but you don’t have the time to visit the international expositions, or your boutique manager just resigned and you would prefer to hire a salesgirl?

Or perhaps you are simply curious to discover the latest fashions that might seduce your clients?

We can give you marketing tips, and advice on how to maximise the visibility of your products and sell more.