Your style is your own personal signature, an expression of who you are and how you will be remembered.

1. Create a standout signature for your boutique.
2. “What I know about hotel boutiques…”
3. The Promise

1. Create a standout signature for your boutique.

We are a team dedicated to define what makes you special and provide you a range of products and brands best suited to your client’s life style.

Gang of Style brings you the answers as well as the tools to create a standout signature style. By providing you with the products and brands that are best suited to your clientele and to your target audience, it allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Experience has taught us that there is no single business model, no magic recipe for success that can be applied to all the boutiques in the world. Success can only come through the adoption of a tailor-made approach that takes what is distinctive in your enterprise and makes it accessible to your clients though products that are unusual and yet are suitable to your clients’ lifestyles.


2.“What I know about hotel boutiques…”

Hoteliers, you should stop renting the location of your boutique, as you can run it by yourself, with our help, and make more profit.

Because hoteliers don’t always have the necessary experience or training in retail to manage a boutique, hotel shops are often disappointing. Yet, hotel boutiques have an enormous advantage vis-a-vis other shops, they have a captive clientele – the hotel’s guests. Who are already using the restaurants, the spas and other services. In most cases, your customers have chosen the hotel because they want to enjoy and have confidence in the quality of your services.

Hence, you already have the clients of your future boutique, and you don’t even need to advertise. But this means that your boutique has a reputation to live up to. It must be of the same quality as the services offered by your hotel — the bar, the restaurant, the spa — all of which were carefully planned and executed by experts.

Gang of style brings you an eye for detail, style and quality. It brings you a certain `savoir-faire’. There are myriad options for how you could organize your space depending upon the products you would like to bring to the attention of your clients (accessories, clothing, handcraft, cosmetics, gifts…). From a simple corner in the spa or an installation in the reception area of your hotel, to a full-fledged shop within the hotel. Each option offers a different shopping experience.

Also a resort on an uninhabited island will not have the same needs as a hotel situated in the heart of a city, or close to an airport. Climate, location, clientele — all play a part in determining what kind of boutique is best for your hotel.

We can also create tailor-made collections for hotels (candles, sleepers, dressing gowns, cups, matches..) and also limited series or one-off pieces. For example, we can create a signature perfume for your boutique.

“I personally am very curious about the hotel shop, but it is often a disappointing experience. There are even luxury hotel which have no boutique! Very annoying if I have forgotten to pack an essential item!”

Helen A., a regular client of luxury hotels and a serial shopper

“Where hotels and their boutiques are concerned there is a lot of work to be done, mainly because that work has never been imagined! A boutique is a place of strategic importance for a hotel, one that they should be seeing as the jewel in their crown rather than a cupboard into which one throws the forgotten mementos of a holiday. In reality, a boutique is first and foremost a source of revenue and profit for those who are capable of conceiving of it with talent. ”

Stephanie Artarit, founder of Gang of Style

3. The Promise

Our promise is to make sure that people will want to enter your boutique, look, buy, and come back to buy more with husbands, girlfriends, and friends. Your shop will be a voice, not an echo. We want your guests to talk about your hotel boutique when they are back home, as they will talk about the restaurant and the spa, the quality of the services…

We aren’t detached `experts’ who fly in and fly out, leaving you to cope with the day to day mess of retail. The idea is to help our clients save time by handing them a perfect readymade boutique all set to go.